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Senior Pastor
Rev Dr. William Chang

Reverend Dr. William S C Chang was a pastor of YCCL between 1986 and 1989, and then the Senior Pastor from 1997 to 2008; he accepted the pastoral calling again in January 2022, this time bringing with him a greater wealth of experiences to the shepherding of our church. Rev Dr. Chang has been serving the Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS) for over 37 years, leading other local congregations like Jurong Christian Church and Queenstown Lutheran Church between 1989 and 2009.

As the executive director of Lutheran World Mission (LWM) from 2009 to 2011, Rev Dr. Chang pioneered its ministry in Cambodia. He was actively engaged in church administration, executive council roles, contributing even to secular community services. Rev Dr. Chang's tireless dedication to the global Lutheran cause was also evidenced by his faithful service rendered to the Lord as the Regional Secretary for Asia in the Lutheran World Federation's Department for Mission and Development (DMD) until 2016, and thereafter seconded as a pastor to Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand (church planting and resource personnel) till 2021.

Rev Dr. Chang academic portfolio, which included a Doctor of Theology, adjunct teaching on Lutheranism, Biblical studies (NT) and Systematic Theology in Singapore Bible College (SBC) and Trinity Theological College (TTC), reflects his commitment to theological education.

As our Senior Pastor, Rev Dr. Chang continues to inspire and guide YCCL towards spiritual growth in Christ and active community engagement. 




张牧师事奉新加坡信义会(LCS)已逾三十七年。在1989至1997年间,他牧会信义会裕廊基督教堂(JCC)及女皇镇信义会教堂(QLC),并于2008年按立为JCC的主任牧师。从2009到2011年,张牧师受委信义会世界宣教事工(LWM)执行主席,开创了柬埔寨宣教事工。在此之余,张牧师积极参与教会管理机制、各类执行委员会职务、也协助推动教外的其他社区建设活动。张牧师续而担任信义会世界联合会宣教和发展部、亚洲地区秘书(2011-2016年)以及澳洲新西兰信义教会、植堂与资源管理负责牧师(2017-2021),尽心撑举 神所付与信义会在全球及亚太区域的大使命。



YCCL bid Rev Soh Guan Kheng farewell on 25 September 2023! Rev Soh will be posted to Lutheran Church of Singapore (LCS) with effect from 1 October. We will be missing him! May God be with Rev Soh in his new calling!

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