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Services & Programmes


Divine Services on Sunday 

  • English service - 11am @Sanctuary

  • Dialect service - 11am @Praise Hall (second floor)

  • Youth service - 11am @Luther Hall (second floor)

  • Mandarin service - 2pm @Sanctuary


Children Sunday Schools

  • English classes - 10.45am @third floor classrooms

  • Mandarin classes - 2pm @third floor classrooms

Zoom Bible Class for Primary 1 to 5

First Saturday of the month

Time: 8pm to 8.30pm

Program: songs, Bible stories, Bible reading and craft.

(Interested please contact Wong Li Nap - 90043864, Bible Storytime teacher at Lutheran Childcare Centre)

Fellowship for ladies (Dorcas fellowship)

Every Wednesday @10am

(Interested please contact the church @67558855)

Fellowship for seniors above 50 years old (Golden Moments fellowship)

Last Wednesday of the month (lunch provided)

Time: 9.30am @Luther Hall (second floor)

(Interested please contact the church @67558855)

Other activities

Ukulele lessons

Friday (Sep 1, 8, 15, 22)

Time: 8pm to 9.30pm

(Interested please contact the church @67558855 / 90220409)

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